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First Sound air dielectric wire array

The new MKIII series delivers substantial performance enhancements to the already-stellar First Sound models across the entire line. The MKIII improvements are the result of considerable research and development in four areas:


  • The completely redesigned circuit board provides a more straightforward and direct approach to the signal paths.
  • The modification of the grounding topology leads to increased rejection of noise from the power supply and other areas.
  • The power supplies have been further refined with new components and enhanced a/c line noise filtration.
  • The signal wires to and from the stepped ladder attenuator use an air dielectric to eliminate the unwanted effects of insulation used in signal wire.

Each of these improved areas, when implemented separately, yields audible sonic benefits. Implemented together, they contribute an accumulative result that is greater than the sum of their individual parts.


Lowering the electronic noise floor in audio playback is the guiding principle of First Sound. All of the enhancements in the MKIII version further this goal.  First Sound MKIII Linestages improve upon the trademark musicality and unforced clarity for which First Sound is known.


A low noise floor equates to the listener hearing more musical details as they naturally arise without an attendant increase in electronic haze or shading.  Rather than emphasizing certain areas of the audio spectrum to lend an apparent sense of increased detail, applying methods to lower the noise floor brings out musical information in a way that is closer to real life and maintains musical elements in their correct proportions. The tonal balance, dynamic contrasts, spacial cues, image focus, and the ineffable human quality of musicians playing at their best are all preserved to a greater degree through a very low noise floor.


The new First Sound MKIII Linestage models deliver on First Sound's commitment to producing linestages that bring out musical performances that satisfy both the mind and the heart.


All First Sound models can be upgraded to a MKIII level.


Please feel free to contact First Sound with any questions you may have.


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